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Clipper Tax Consulting’s vessel tax specialists can legally save you thousands of dollars on your vessel purchase by assisting you in obtaining a vessel sales tax exemption or vessel use tax exemption from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

The purchase of a vessel which will be used in the State of California is subject to sales tax or use tax depending on the nature of the transaction. There are many legal ways to avoid vessel sales tax or use tax in California. Our vessel sales tax service can help you navigate the very complex sales and use tax laws, regulations, policies and procedures governing these transactions and document the use of your vessel to make sure you receive an exemption. Whether you are buying an Ocean Alexander, Mikelson, Santa Cruz, Offshore, Nassau, Tayana or Andrews, there is an exemption which could work for you. There are vessel sales tax exemptions and vessel use tax exemptions for both personal use vessels as well as vessels used for commercial purposes. The following sales and use tax exemptions are currently available for vessels:

  • 12-Month Out-of-State Use and Storage Test
  • Six Month Interstate Commerce Test
  • 12-Month Commercial Deep Sea Fishing Test
  • Family Transactions
  • Transfers to Commencing Corporations, LLCs, etc.
  • Tax paid on fair rental value instead of cost

It is best to engage our vessel sales tax service at the time of your vessel purchase so that we can set up and organize the entire transaction correctly to avoid vessel sales tax or use tax.

In many cases we have been able to help clients after they have made a vessel purchase. Give us a call to find out if our vessel sales tax service can still help you avoid vessel sales tax or use tax by obtaining a vessel sales tax exemption or vessel use tax exemption for your vessel purchase.

Our expertise is in California Sales and Use Tax issues. We are vessel tax specialists. If you are looking to buy an vessel or already own one and are interested in finding out if your particular situation may qualify for an exemption, call us now for a free, no obligation consultation.

We have been in the business of handling sales and use tax matters since 1998. If you want to eliminate the sales or use tax on your vessel purchase, call us now, our vessel tax specialists are here to help.